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Issue 12: December 2005

Issue 11: November 2005 

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General News/Articles:

No relief at all for Sectional Title Owners

Threat to Values in latest changes to Act

Plans for "Third Generation" Sectional Title laws

Law change to clarify Levy requirements

New rates plan tough to implement

Going Public - The Auction phenomenon in RSA

Sectional Title:

Dealing with angry people

Electricity Fears!

Update regarding section 37 of the Act

Government’s intention to amend section 37 of the Act

Municipal property rates

The Special Resolution

The Unanimous Resolution

Water Meters ....

"Drip or Dust, they`ll face city`s wrath"

Can I owe levies and still be a trustee?


Bodies Corporate News

General News / Articles

Sectional Title



Our Managing Agent says that it is legal for him to be a Trustee. This seems strange - is he correct?

The trustees have just gone ahead and decided that the building is being painted. A special levy has been raised – I cannot afford it – can they make that decision alone?

I am a trustee, and I am feeling increasingly vulnerable about my position. We have owners who threaten to take legal action against us personally all the time. Where do we stand as trustees?

We are rather confused on the issue of cheques. Can a Managing Agent sign our cheques on our behalf?

I believe that a meeting must be called at our Body Corporate urgently to discuss certain issues, but only trustees can call meetings. They refuse to do so – what can I do? 

Harmonious Living:

We have a major problem with tenants in our complex. Many tenants simply do as they please with absolutely no regard to the rules of the complex. Can we evict them?

I would love to install a spa bath in my section. I have been informed that I can do this as it is within my section, and does not affect common property. Is this true?

The following rule regarding pets have been approved at our last AGM: Any person who finds that a pet in the complex is a nuisance to him/her can complain. If the owner/tenant receives 3 such written warnings then owner/tenant will be requested to remove the pet. Please advise on what I can do as I have received a first warning for my wandering cat.

We have a huge shortage of parking in our complex and we currently operate on a first come first serve basis when it comes to the extra bays. How can we allocate these bays on a permanent basis and how can we create additional parking on the common property ? We do have some open areas

How does our body corporate decide what is harmonious in appearance and what is not when giving permission for alterations and improvements?

What are the requirements for enclosing balconies in our building?


What is the procedure with levy clearances when a sectional title unit has been sold?

The Trustees have not replied to me on many issues that I am concerned about in the running of the complex, for example: maintenance of the building, financial accounts and books of record and certain decisions that I do not believe they are entitled to make. Can I stop paying my levies in protest?

What are Managing Agents?

What is meant by "Exclusive Use"?
What is the "Body Corporate"?
What is "Common Property"?
Who controls the common property?
Who are the Trustees?
Who makes the rules?
Can the rules be changed?
What is "the Levy"?
How is the levy calculated?
Can the levy be changed other times?
What is Sectional Title?





Sectional Titles and levies – what are you paying for?

Who maintains what in sectional title property?
Tips for body corporate administration