• Avril Mahadeo posted an update in the group Rules 1 year, 7 months ago

    Good Day, Can anyone assist with some advice for my query.
    I am an owner in a building and have a flat I purchased for investment purposes.

    I have tenants, so I don’t regularly go to the building to check up as they are quite reliable. I went recently to the building and to my shock I found a page stuck on the entrance door showing a restriction on the number of visitors being allowed per flat. Further to that, it restricts the tenants to a particular number of visitors depending on the size of the flat. Basically if your flat allowed 4 occupants, you would be allowed 4 visitors per day. If you had a smaller bachelor flat you would be allowed 2 visitors per day.

    Is this firstly legal? There have been no changes to the conduct rules, so this is not even part of the rules as such.

    Please advise accordingly and what I can do to remedy this and take further action.


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