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STC Radio looping schedule 2014

Sectional Title Centre - Directory of Community Scheme Service providers and Contractors

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STC - Online Sectional Title Dispute Mediation and Conciliation







Sectional Titles Act and Sectional Titles Scheme Management Act in South Africa

Online sectional title services for managing agents, bodies corporate and unit owners in South Africa

Sectional Title Dispute Resolution through Evaluative Mediation and Conciliation

Sectional title centre is a hub of information about sectional titles in South Africa. People that will benefit from this website:

  • Owners in sectional title and Community Schemes
  • Trustees and Directors of sectional title bodies corporate and HOA's
  • Sectional title complexes/bodies corporate and HOA's
  • Service providers and Contractors to Sectional Title Schemes

Sectional Title Centre - Directory of Contractors and Service Providers Join here

Please Note:

Sectional Title Centre online archiving services has been incorporated by

Managing Agents

and is now only available to complexes managed by Unlimited Townhouses




STC - Online Sectional Title Dispute Mediation and Conciliation


STC Radio looping schedule 2014  Sponsored by Unlimited Townhouses