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All in favour? All opposed? Ané de Klerk – Paddocks

I recently presented a workshop during which I discussed with those in attendance the requirement and importance of having members of bodies corporate cast their...

WHAT ARE YOUR OPTIONS When receiving a CSOS Award against you? By Marina Constas,BBM Inc Attorneys

You can appeal the award on a question of law within a set time period, or now in terms of the latest Case Law from...

Impact of the coronavirus on contractual obligations – van Zyl Retief inc

The novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has caused major disruptions worldwide since its outbreak in December 2019 in Wuhan, China. The virus has also...

A room with a view, (well…, sort of) – Auren Freitas dos Santos

It is natural for property owners to use and develop their property to the fullest extent possible in order to increase the habitable area of...

Measures to be Implemented During Lockdown in Community Schemes – NAMA


A Sensitive Issue – Pets In A Sectional Scheme – ESI Attorneys

Be it a tenant or a purchaser, the issue of “I have a little dog” or “cat” and “Is the place pet friendly” comes up often for...

Developing a sectional title scheme? Remember this – Ane de Klerk

With sectional title units remaining a very popular choice amongst first time buyers as well as those wishing to scale down (even in a tough...

Unenforceable apartheid-style rules – Auren Freitas dos Santos

I have come across many absurd scheme governance rules over the years, but one in particular is an outdated apartheid-style rule relating to domestic employees...

We just can’t obtain an unanimous resolution – now what? Ane de Klerk

Unanimous resolutions are notoriously difficult to obtain. Before voting for or against, this type of resolution can even commence at general meetings, you need to...

Coronavirus and Occupational Health & Safety – LabourNet

Whilst there have been no reported cases of the Coronavirus in South Africa it is important to continue to monitor the development of the virus...


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