Welcome to Level 1 – So who wants to be the scheme’s compliance officer?

The appointment of a COVID-19 compliance officer is a new Level 1 Disaster Management regulation requirement, which will apply to all community schemes. It is set out in regulation 79:

A few points to note:

  1. Regulation 70(2) only applies to a retail store or institution, so this will not apply.
  2. The regulation concentrates on the community scheme as a “workplace”, so the principal obligation of the scheme’s compliance officer is to develop a plan and supporting systems to keep employees safe, but as is clear from regulation 79(1)(b), the plan must also deal with adequate space and social distancing measures for the public and service providers who are not employees.

For most schemes, it would be sensible to combine whatever OHS planning has already been done for gardeners, painters and others that are scheme employees in a wider plan that focuses on the COVID-19 threat and covers employees, private contractors and their staff as well as residents and their visitors.

Author: STC_wsi

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